Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wondering about Dear Old Dog's Confusion

I'm not sure what's happening now, whether it's cognitive or caused by the loss of hearing and diminished eyesight, but H has spent a lot of time staring off into space and isn't as focused as he has been in the past. I know that he still hears some things as the squeaky ball seems to continue to have an impact on him.

Maybe it's time to get the Cholodin down out of the cupboard to see if that gets the neurons firing again. Choline the main ingredient in Cholodin, acts as a precursor to neurotransmitters and maybe when the cells start talking to each other regularly H will be able to once again "connect all of the dots."

When I thinking about H today I was reminded that I could qualify as a geriatric home for dogs and cats, as all of them are in advanced age. It must be great to be an old cat, no wrinkles or thinning hair - just a warm place to sleep in the sun, lots of good food and positive strokes. The temperature is going down below 0 tonight. I hope that all cats and dogs have a warm bed to sleep in somewhere out of the cold.

I'm going to give H some cholodin and then tuck him into his bed with his new fleece blanket. Tomorrow maybe he'll be himself again, but if not, that's okay with me. He's earned his senior moments.

Good night H, gray muzzle, broken ear and're still quite a charmer, and you've got my number!