Thursday, October 30, 2008

October brings more events...a stroke and some confusion

I went out of town for a few days and while I was gone DOD seemed to have rediscovered his youth.  His petsitter Colleen said that there was  new spring in his step and it appears that the Proin is finally working as there were no more accidents in his bed.

However I did read the following in one of the online forums and am wondering if Proin has had some side effects.

Two days ago he had difficulty getting up in the morning and when he did he walked around in circles, dragging his right rear leg like it was broken.  Off we went to the vet's office where he was examined by the neurologist who indicated that he had likely had a stroke.

Yesterday morning he has able to walk a straight line and had no more dragging of his hind leg.  The next step is to take a look at what may have possibly caused the stroke.  A blood sample was sent to the lab yesterday to determine whether he has experienced any decline in kidney function as kidney disease can cause a stroke.

As he had an MRI just 3 mths ago, it's highly unlikely that a tumour could have grown on the brain in such short time.

DOD you're breaking my heart, again.  You look wonderful after your bath earlier this week.  Your teeth are clean and shiny and you smell terrific.  But you're not eating much and you're barely moving.  I had to drag you out of bed yesterday.  Dianne says it will take several days for you to get better.  I'm sad that you have finally lost all sight in your right eye.  I'll try to steer you around so you don't fall and walk into doors.  I'm going to make you some turkey soup today.  I know that you'll perk up when you smell one of your favourite treats.