Monday, July 14, 2008

DOD - you're breaking my heart a bit......


You and I are patiently waiting for news of whether you will receive an MRI. Lisa came over last night and mentioned that watching you was like watching her darling before she passed on. I'm glad that you're still game to venture around the block once a day, but I am worried about your front paws and will try some of Molly's boots on you today.

I know it's hot and the humidity is too high for your comfort. I hope that you feel better on your bed in the air conditioned comfort of the bedroom. You seem to be sleeping a lot more than usual. Yesterday you didn't want to arise until almost 9 a.m.

Your appetite is failing. I don't know if it's because of the heat or how you feel physically, but I'm going to cook you a sweet potato, some rice and ground beef. Maybe that will pick you up. You know by now that I am the queen of running around trying to put bandages on things while ignoring the inevitable. So what is the inevitable? I wish that you could talk to me and tell me everything that's on your mind.

Your back legs are weak. The Rimadyl seemed to help for a few days, but you also had an upset stomach so we stopped it. You're still wagging your tail, albeit a bit slower now. Does that mean that everything is still okay with us?

I haven't had my daily "lick on the nose" ....wanna give me just one?.....please?

I'm worried about you, my DOD.