Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello again, DOD

Sunday evening I returned home after 10 days away from DOD. He seemed happy to see me in his DOD way - the tail wagged at 1/4 time. I've got to wonder what he was like in his prime.

DOD seemed to weather well during our time apart. He promptly deposited himself on his bed beside mine and soon was dreaming of whatever DODs dream. The next morning I was awakened by a wet kiss on my nose (which was intended to remind me that it was time for breakfast)so I arose and we fell into our old routine again.

He seems quite content to take our daily walks and chase the ball 6 times before returning to the comfort of his bed. I'm glad to have him sleeping by my feet as I click, click away on the computer keyboard.

It's good to see you again DOD. I told you not to worry when I left because I'd come home to you again....and that's exactly what I did.