Monday, July 7, 2008

The Update on DOD

Well, here we are some 18mths later. DOD has been tottering around a bit unsteady on his feet and just recently he went down on his front paws. This was a daily occurrence for about a week. Concern about his eyesight and wondering about DM, which afflicts many German Shepherd Dogs, took us to visit his internist on Friday.

While at the internist DOD also had a neurological evaluation. It seems like an MRI is needed to determine whether he has a brain lesion or a disk problem. At this point in life, operations are out of the question, but it would be good to know the path that we will travel together so that I may prepare the provisions we need to take with us.

This is never an easy process for me...the process of wondering when we'll part. Last night I dreamed that we were coming out of the doctor's office and that a car pulled up, a woman opened the door and he jumped right in. Off they sped. Well, DOD can't jump onto or into anything anymore. What happened? Was it my subconscious fears at work? Was it an indication of a swift and painless (for him) departure?

With August coming I do have apprehensions, as historically that seems to be one of the times of the year when many pets leave for the Rainbow Bridge. I simply don't know.....

Sharon - DOD's person