Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The September Song

The past two months with Holling and his geriatric feline companions have been hectic.  Holling is still holding his own with some challenging days and some not-so-challenging days.  Another vet visit provided us with more resources in the form of Chinese herbs.  The ginseng and four-herb complex seem to be perking him up.  We're back up to walking at least a half mile each day to keep DOD's muscles from atrophying.

Unfortunately we lost DOD's favorite kitty at age 16 last week.  Sam had been battling renal failure for the past year.  We know he's enjoying the Rainbow Bridge, where one young friend of ours said that old cats become kittens again.  I like that idea!
Goodbye Sam...
Sleep warm and well
Say "hi" to Molly for us
When tomorrow starts without us,
Don't think that we're far apart
For every time that you think of us,
We're right there, in your heart

Sharon and DOD

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Maxime said...

Keep up the good work.